Hosting Your Website: Find Simple & Secure Solutions with MABU
Hosting Your Website: Find Simple & Secure Solutions with MABU

At MABU, we provide premium website design and service offerings without the premium price tag. To support these projects, we work with top-notch hosting partners to deliver the best web solutions to our clients, both large and small.

We’ve built websites for many non-profits and government agencies, including the US Army Medicine Civilian Corps and the North Dakota Department of Agriculture. Large-scale clients can rely on MABU to build websites that are stable, secure, and user-friendly.

In addition, small businesses rely on MABU for the same reasons too! And as a small business owner, creating a website alone can quickly eat up precious money and time. Many local companies have turned to MABU for help creating their perfectly customized website.

We value every client that entrusts us to build the digital front for their company or organization. And we maximize our team’s talent for web design and creative production by choosing to partner with industry leaders in internet hosting solutions. A website is only as good as the solution its hosted through.

What do we mean by that?

Understanding Hosting

Compare building a website to building a house. A newly constructed home can contain appealing, functional, and beautiful design features. But without a strong foundation, all the structure and design could potentially collapse. In the same way, MABU creates the framework and welcoming feel of your website, and we support our work atop a robust foundation – to say, one of our partner’s servers.

Second-rate or cheaper hosting options are less reliable or more prone to security breaches. That’s why we’re selective at MABU – to prevent a ‘collapse’ of your website.

We wrote recently about our continuing partnership with Pantheon, a platform that hosts WordPress and Drupal content management systems (CMS). We also work with Tao Interactive and MediaTemple, allowing us to offer multiple CMS solutions based on our clients’ needs.

These companies offer cutting-edge safeguards, reliable service (in up-time and bandwidth), and unmatched customer support. While MABU has used other hosting solutions over the years, we’ve found that stable and secure hosting backed up by excellent service is worth every penny. And with our current partnerships, we can provide our clients hassle-free and dependable digital spaces for their brands to thrive.

So, no matter the size of your business or organization, MABU has a solution that’s flawlessly tailored to you. Want to learn more? Contact us for more information.