Promoting North Dakota’s Wetlands
Promoting North Dakota’s Wetlands

Regional Ducks Unlimited Campaign Goes National

The Ducks Unlimited Great Plains Regional Marketing team, led by Becky Jones Mahlum, partnered with MABU to produce an explainer video on the value of North Dakota’s wetlands. The 2.5-minute video uses custom graphics and animation to educate the public about the role wetlands play in the environment and the state’s economy.

When the Ducks Unlimited National Headquarters saw the completed project, they were interested in sharing the message on a much larger scale. So MABU recently modified the video to 60 and 30-second public service announcements to broadcast in approximately 800 television markets across the country.

The explainer video is currently running in North Dakota as part of a digital ad campaign, yielding above average view rates and driving over 1,200 unique visitors to the North Dakota Ducks Unlimited website in less than a month’s time. The national campaign will begin in the coming months.

The Duck Unlimited explainer video is one of many custom-built animation our creative team has developed. View it above or check it out at