The Nature Conservancy

Brand Identity

The Challenge

The Nature Conservancy (TNC) is a global conservation organization committed to creating a future in which nature and people thrive, and achieving their mission must encompass inclusion, collaboration, and supporting the original and current stewards of Earth’s natural systems.

MABU partnered with TNC to help create a brand identity and handbook for their Voice, Choice, and Action framework for Indigenous and community-led conservation. The resource material needed to be distributed through a downloadable PDF as well as an interactive website for users to easily navigate and reference.

Our Solution

MABU created a brand mark using the shape of a turtle, which is commonly represented in Indigenous origin stories as a symbol of life and a deep respect for the environment. Custom illustration in corresponding colors was used to depict the four pillars and three foundational elements the framework is structured around. These elements of the overall brand mark were broken out and used to visually identify the various areas of focus throughout the handbook.

Once the handbook was completed, MABU reconstructed the content to build a website that enables users to reference various tools and resources and toggle through case studies using an interactive world map.