Society of Care

Brand Development

The Challenge

Society of Care provides behavioral health care for Native American youth and their families in Nebraska. They were having a difficult time using their existing brand consistently and effectively to build their online presence and initially reached out to MABU for a website redesign. Through the discovery process, MABU identified the need for a clearly defined brand identity to more accurately reflect who they are. MABU went to work to develop and deploy a strategic marketing plan and cohesive brand strategy.

Our Solution

MABU conducted advanced research, focus groups and executive interviews to gain perspective and identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for the organization. A brand workshop with the team helped to define the organization’s personality attributes and brand archetypes. From the workshop findings, a brand persona was crafted to convey Society of Care’s authentic personality and tone-of-voice.

This laid the groundwork for our creative team to begin building a visual identity while the strategy team developed messaging and an overall marketing plan to help Society of Care more effectively reach and engage with those they serve.

Through genuine imagery of Native American teenagers and families and inspirational messaging, the new band identity allows them to tell their story through personal connection. The logo reflects their unique point of difference, incorporating Native American symbolism to represent the culturally sensitive care they provide.

Turtle – perseverance, protection and resilience
Medicine arrows – health, healing and the cycles of life
Compass – sense of safety, guidance through unfamiliar roads