ND Safety Council

Training Videos

The Challenge

The North Dakota Safety Council is passionate about keeping people safe in the workplace and were ready to elevate their Responsible Beverage Server training program. The program educates owners, managers, servers and sellers on how to avoid illegally selling alcohol to underage youth and intoxicated customers. They turned to MABU for help creating engaging content that would capture the attention of participants while also complimenting their existing curriculum.

Our Solution

MABU worked closely with the client to identify specific topics of interest that would be best delivered through animated explainer videos. Our team used a classic comic book style with light-hearted, and sometimes humorous, characters and content to engage the audience without distracting from the overall message. The imagery was accompanied by an energetic voiceover, fun music and entertaining sound effects. The three animations were produced in a way that could easily be expanded on in the future. They also served as a good resource to generate artwork for promotional materials.

Ultimately, reformatting the course content through animation made the information easier to identify with and retain, leaving a lasting impression. The response from students and instructors was overwhelmingly positive – the videos will continue to serve restaurant/bar owners, managers and servers for years to come.

Cheers and stay safe!