ND Job Service

Ad Campaign

The Challenge

Job Service North Dakota had 16,000 job openings that needed to be filled. They were seeking a partner to provide strategic and creative consultation to help them bring awareness about the thousands of available jobs throughout the state, drive traffic to JobsND.com and connect job seekers with open positions benefitting North Dakota employers, the industries and the state.

Our Solution

We developed an extremely targeted and segmented strategy to fill jobs in high-demand industries and reach job seekers across the state, especially in counties with high unemployment. Motivational messages about the number of jobs available, the high demand industries with jobs, the high paying jobs open and the various resources provided by Job Service, drove thousands of job seekers to NDJobs.com.

The statewide digital campaign was a success, delivering millions of impressions and strong click-through rates to JobsND.com. We extended the campaign beyond media with the development of a toolkit that was consistent with the look and feel of the campaign. Posters, flyers, infographics, print ads, digital assets, and web banners broadened the reach and enhanced the performance of the campaign. Job Service ND used the assets to expand the campaign into their internal messaging, newsletters, social media, website, and offices throughout the state. The toolkit also provided the agency with pieces to last long after the campaign had ended.