Feather’s Story

Brand Identity and Custom Website Development

The Challenge

As work began to slow during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, we were looking for ways to put our time and talent to good use. In a conversation with long-time client, National Congress of American Indians (NCAI), they suggested we work together to create an inspirational narrative for Indian Country to share with world – a message of resilience, healing and unity. This idea evolved into a ‘Marketing Good Works’ initiative produced for the NCAI network on a pro-bono basis.

To find a captive audience in a media stream saturated with pandemic stories of isolation, heartbreak, hope and gratitude, we knew the message needed to come from a fresh perspective.

Our Solution

As we began seeing the impact of the pandemic on our children, we were curious what the world looked like through a child’s eyes. We invited Feather Spotted Bear, the daughter of MABUite, Wind Spirit Spotted Bear, to share her thoughts. Not only did she see the division and pain around her, she understood the dire need for unity and prayers of healing for the sick, the divided and Mother Earth. It was through her wisdom and clarity that ‘Feather’s Story’ was born.

Using an artistic and symbolic approach to animation, her story was brought to life, standing apart from the editorial-style ads flooding traditional and digital platforms. Feather’s ideas of spiritual healing and prayer were interpreted as natural, hand-drawn thoughts. Her voice was captured through general talking points rather than a refined script for authenticity. MABU brought in music artist, Joel Wood, to record custom audio for the jingle dance performed by Jennifer Young Bear.

Behind the scenes

The Making of Feather’s Story

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Feather’s Story. From composites to the final rendering, this was one of MABU’s most collaborative projects. We were grateful to come together (often remotely) to share a message of hope and healing when the world needed it most.