Faith Foundation Northwest

Brand Identity

The Challenge

Faith Foundation supports churches in the Pacific Northwest through investment management, loans and endowment consultations. They first came to MABU as the Northwest United Methodist Foundation, looking for a firm to develop a new brand identity and messages based around their new name. The rebranding initiative was driven by a desire to serve faith communities beyond the United Methodist Church.

Our Solution

MABU began by facilitating a brand workshop to clearly identify the client’s brand attributes and archetypes while also building internal consensus and enthusiasm around the organization’s authentic personality. With those findings, MABU developed a brand persona which included a defined purpose, tone of voice, language, and recommended key messages. The persona provided creative direction for the visual identity.

“MABU demonstrated an understanding and respect for diverse stakeholders with complex group dynamics. Our rebranding team was made up of two staff members and nine board members, ranging in age from 29 to 80+, with ideas and preferences that sometimes conflicted. MABU was willing to move at the speed of trust until we found consensus. The design team was flexible enough to make room for our process, but strong enough to steer us in a good direction.”

Julia Frisbie

Associate Director

The Faith Foundation logo incorporates spiritual and regional references with a modern interpretation to speak to the energy and enthusiasm found within the organization. The mountain formations not only represent the region’s landscape, but also make a subtle reference to the name in the linework, using the shape of two letter F’s. The cross offers obvious religious symbolism that the organization was founded on. Its strategic placement above the mountains also reflects the beacon that the brand persona is built around. It speaks to the mentorship and guidance that Faith Foundation offers its clients.