Ducks Unlimited

Wetlands Campaign

The Challenge

As the world’s leader in wetland & waterfowl conservation, Ducks Unlimited reached out to MABU for help in raising awareness about the Great Plains’ wetlands and the impact they have on water quality, flood control, and wildlife. In doing so, they hoped to illustrate how the work they do in preserving our region’s wetlands positively affects communities and landowners.

Our Solution

To effectively communicate the complex ecosystem, MABU developed an animated explainer video. The 2-minute video was housed on a branded micro-site with a cohesive package of video and display ads created to engage the audience and drive traffic to the site. Visitors could interact on the site by following the clients’ Facebook page and sharing the information via social media and email. They could also provide an email address to stay informed and receive future communication.

A phased approach was used to measure the effectiveness of the messaging, with a baseline public survey conducted prior to the campaign. At its conclusion, MABU distributed a second survey to identify areas of focus and determine a path for an additional campaign the following year.

The two campaigns resulted in 86,000 video views, a significant increase in social media engagement and a jump in memberships for the organization.