City of Bismarck

Covid-19 Prevention Campaign

The Challenge

In the fall of 2020, our region experienced a record amount of Covid-19 infection rates, hospitalizations and deaths. In response, the City of Bismarck formed the Burleigh-Morton taskforce to investigate and slow the spread. They recruited MABU to launch an awareness campaign focused on the importance of personal responsibility in the prevention of Covid-19.

Our Solution

MABU used a mindset and motivation approach with the campaign concept. We explored the mindsets of each target demographic (age groups with the highest infection rates) and identified their various forms of motivation. Essentially, we asked ourselves, “What is keeping them from abiding by CDC recommendations, and what would make them change their mind?”

Age, Mindset, Motivation

Adults 20-29
MINDSET: Invincible – I’m young and healthy, it will not happen to me
MOTIVATION: For others – I do it for the health and safety of those around me

Adults 30-39
MINDSET: Fatigue – I’m so over it; I want things back to normal
MOTIVATION: For normalcy – I do it so we can move on with our lives

Adults 50-59
MINDSET: Resistant – No one is going to tell me what to do, I will decide for myself
MOTIVATION: For freedom of choice – I do it to avoid mandates and keep businesses open

Taking the brand further

The cross-channel ‘Covid Stops Here’ campaign used traditional, digital and out-of-home advertising to reach each audience. The media mix achieved an above average number of impressions, click-through rates and completed views. Masks were also branded with the logo and distributed in the community for a grassroots effort.