MABU Christmas Card

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To create a memorable Christmas greeting card that would stand out among others.


The MABU team decided to reach back and go retro for the design. They decided to recreate an iconic scene from the holiday classic “A Christmas Story” when Ralphie and friends surround the icy flagpole and triple-dog dares ensue. On top of the initial idea, animation was planned to be part of the scheme to make sure the greeting card was memorable for all.


All of Agency MABU bundled up in costume and headed to the local schoolyard for a photo shoot. After the initial photos were captured, the multimedia team used animation to make the scene come alive. Each individual MABU member had to be separated and given movement, which brought a sense of life to an otherwise static picture and imparted the quirky MABU spirit into the holidays!


MABU delivered a not-to-be-forgotten Christmas greeting! Watch the full video greeting below.

MABU 2015 Christmas Card from Agency MABU on Vimeo.

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