Motion Graphics & Animation
Motion Graphics & Animation

by Edward Sargeant

Where can motion graphics and animation be used, and what are the benefits to my business?

Many people think the idea of motion graphics and animation belongs either in Hollywood movies or the latest video games. The truth is, animated content is everywhere these days. Not only this, it’s also becoming the norm, and something we expect to see. With so much information vying for our attention, animation is a great way to catch your viewer’s eye and have them engage with your content.

So where might we see animation and motion graphics being applied in our day-to-day lives? We see this content in commercials, as a great way to bring branding to life and breathe interest into the messaging. Web technologies are rapidly expanding, meaning that both 2D and 3D visualization are frequently a part of websites, helping to engage the user and keep them coming back. We see animation used in the training of all ages, from employee processes and procedures, medical simulations, construction and even educational games for children. Consider demonstrating your latest product in a fully interactive 3D world, where users can preview, engage and even test the product in a virtual environment.

So what are the benefits to this approach? Motion graphics and animation allow us to bring content to life that may otherwise be ignored. Animation applies to users of all ages and can be tailored to suit. It allows us to display content that may otherwise be impossible to demonstrate and even helps to simplify information by breaking it down into bite-size pieces. Additionally, the tools and procedures for this type of work are becoming increasingly cost effective.

Avoid having your audience decipher your message and instead, show them what you mean. Stand out and bring your identity to life.