InnovatAR Brings Augmented Reality to McKenzie County


MABU Newsletter Content | Spring 2019

InnovatAR is a newly launched, MABU-incubated tech company that delivers augmented reality (AR) experiences and high-end digital production services. You’ll likely be seeing much more of InnovatAR’s work as a MABU partner. We want to bring the best in emerging marketing tools to our clients– and we believe in the power of AR.

McKenzie County Tourism, a long-standing MABU client, also believes in the value of augmented reality. InnovatAR has developed AR features for McKenzie County’s soon-to-debut marketing materials. In an AR-enabled brochure, audiences can view videos on the fly with help from their smartphone.

Doug Bolken, McKenzie County Tourism Director, says, “Augmented reality-enabled print content will allow us to deepen the
engagement with our audience. The videos we’ve produced can now be connected within our printed visitor guides and it’s a cost-effective way to fully utilize our resources.”

All that’s required of the reader is a few taps and a scan of printed content– and the page comes to life. This augmented experience is not only engaging and interactive, but it also helps individuals better visualize the fun, relaxing, and enriching activities waiting for them in McKenzie County.

Web-based AR is a revolutionary way to deliver augmented content and events. Learn more about how InnovatAR is blazing this trail at