American Heart Association Reduces Stroke Death and Disability Rates in North Dakota

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In a recent project for the American Heart Association, MABU created an awareness campaign with the goal of reducing death and disability rates from stroke.



The AHA is committed to reducing the rates of death and disability from strokes; in North Dakota, underserved rural populations are the highest risk group.



Agency MABU worked with the AHA to develop and launch a two-year public communication campaign focused on promoting awareness of stroke signs and symptoms and changing behaviors. For example, North Dakotans are likely to transport a loved one experiencing stroke symptoms to a medical facility in a personal vehicle, while the AHA emphasizes the importance of calling 911 so that trained EMS providers can coordinate care while in transit – when minutes count.

MABU developed and implemented a comprehensive traditional and digital media campaign; survivor stories helped communicate the risks associated with ignoring symptoms or making bad decisions.



A baseline survey was conducted in 2017, and a post-campaign survey will be completed in early 2020. In addition to this formal research, digital campaign results show tremendous gains in awareness, such as view rates as high as 80 percent and click-through rates of almost 10 percent, both far above industry averages.



Large or small, successful marketing campaigns require strategic use of budget dollars. For the AHA awareness campaign, digital marketing provided targeted, measurable results in a cost-effective manner, while traditional media (TV, radio, billboards, print) enhanced outreach with specific demographics.

View one of the TV spots MABU created below!

All campaign materials emphasize the need to “Think FAST” when spotting stroke symptoms. TV spots were built around this key messaging.</center.