All-Around Marketing
All-Around Marketing

MABU explores a new advertising angle with 360 virtual tours.

Virtual tours are quickly becoming a must for any business. Allowing customers all over the world to visit your location at a time that works for them, increasing the time visitors stay on your website and improving your SEO are just some of the benefits virtual tours provide.
It used to take hours to make a single virtual tour, but MABU’s newest piece of equipment gets it done in seconds! After creating multiple tours and seeing all the perks, MABU team got too excited to stop there. That’s why we decided to explore the possibilities of 360-degree videos.

Some benefits to gain from using such content include increased “stickiness” of your website, making your visitors stay longer, improved SEO and better click-through rate. We love being up-to-date on the latest trends and we are excited to learn more!


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